Benzina's loyalty system – the new benchmark

To effectively steer its customer experience Benzina was in need of a highly flexible and seamlessly integrated loyalty system – a loyalty system so flexible that it could quickly support any change in the customer experience down to the last customer transaction.

Benzina's requirements

Benzina required a complete fully integrated loyalty solution utilizing their internal systems and payment gateway to provide their customers with a self-service petrol tanking and loyalty programme. This programme can reward customers and thus build a customer engagement platform to influence customer behaviour and consumption.

Prague, Czech Republic
Client HQ
Year of realization

Igor Šefčík

“Benzina was looking for an integrated yet flexible loyalty application, providing convenience to our customers and allowing us to change our loyalty strategy dynamically. Working with Zentity delivered us a loyalty application combining our existing mobile payment functionality and a Zentity loyalty engine that allows us to reward any transaction we deem fit. The combination of native development and products and the motivated team from Zentity allowed us to develop this solution together faster than we had ever expected.”

The Challenge: Total flexibility VS full integration with Benzina's core systems

In order to maximise customer experience and the usage of the Benzina app a payment function needed to be part of the application. This required a full integration into the existing payment gateway.

Furthermore Benzina sees the need to be able to reward their customers flexibly to ensure that the loyalty program can effectively aim to motivate customers in a very targeted manner. For the application this means it needed to be customisable to acknowledge customer transactions very granularly and apply rewards according to tactical decisions. To fulfil this requirement a full integration into Benzina’s core systems was essential as well as an easy way to handle the  administration front end.

The solution: Combining Zentity products with a native mobile application

Together with the highly motivated team at Benzina, Zentity prepared and delivered a solution consisting of Zenefit (Zentity’s ) and Zentity Digital Server, complemented by several tailor made parts of a solution. Specifically, the solution includes:

  • Native mobile applications (iOS, Android) – delivering a state-of-the-art customer experience
  • Zentity Digital Server as the integration layer (including complete security solution) – providing standardised and centralised access to all connected core systems
  • Zenefit (Zentity’s integrated Loyalty module) – providing a comprehensive set of processes and features needed for the loyalty program such as point collection and reward level management
  • Zentity Administration Console – providing sophisticated administration functionalities
  • Push Server – enabling Benzina to send high priority messages in-app and standard marketing messages most efficiently and secure

Zentity loyalty solution has been delivered end-to-end, meeting all customers expectations and requirements providing a unique customer experience and allowing the organisation to use all advanced features (such as push notifications, in-app messages, surveys, analysis of customer behaviour) to meet Benzina’s requirements.

Benzina now has the possibility to:
  • To freely design any loyalty model it deems fit to optimise customer experience
  • Easily make updates and access the loyalty program in real time
  • Effortless manage the integration into its core business systems

For a new generation of loyalty programs

The Zentity integrated Loyalty module allows you to swiftly reward almost any transaction your customers make on your digital platform allowing the operator to flexibly adjust their Loyalty program to steer their customer behaviour to meet their needs.

Zenefit is the only fully integrated loyalty solution within your digital channels. It is the most granular reward system that let’s you define down to the last transaction for what you want to reward your customers for. Zenefit gives you total flexibility in defining customer reward profiles and allows you display loyalty statuses (points, membership status etc.) across all digital channels.


Benefits of Integrated Loyalty

Total flexibility for rewards

Gives you freedom for all Loyalty models

Easy integration into your existing infrastructure

Updates and access in real time

Our expertise implemented

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