Group wide roll-out of mobile banking for Addiko Group

Addiko Bank is an international financial Group based in Vienna, Austria. Operating through six banks across its core business markets in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro efficiently providing clear and direct quality services for over 1.1 million clients.

Project Introduction

Smartphones have become the most important channel for interacting with banks. Addiko bank recognized that only a best of breed solution can satisfy the growing customer interest in servicing and communicating with clients through such devices. Both major platforms, iOS and Android, were chosen to be implemented at the same time.

The solution did not limit itself to only basic functions such as balance check and account transfers but it also contains advanced features like postal order scans, loans, e-invoices and so on.

Vienna, Austria
Client HQ
Year of realization

Srdjan Novaković, Managing Director of Group Digital banking

"We wanted to offer state-of-the-art mobile banking to our customers and to provide simple & straightforward digital experience."

Challenge: A tight schedule of only 6 months for 5 countries

In addition to the ambitious project plan – rolling out mobile banking for 5 countries in only 6 months – Addiko required the structured acquisition of important know-how in mobile technologies of its teams as part of the project.

At the time of project start there was no central group wide approach to mobile banking. The standardisation of mobile banking was another building block of the project.

The scope of the project was to not only roll out basic banking functionalities but also additional services such as an ATM locator using augmented reality, multi-language, multi-currency support and marketing banner support.


Meeting or exceeding expectations

The applications are rated as best mobile banking solutions in Serbia and other markets while continuing to enjoy an average app rating of over 4 in the App Stores. The ambitious delivery targets were met while keeping the quality of the solution very high. The engagement goals in terms of active usage of the application such as number of users, number of transactions, logins per month and so on are continuously met or exceed the set of KPIs.

The competence center

Together with Addiko we established a partnership model where, as part of the project Zentity helped with recruitment of new teams for the bank. The bank team spent significant time with the Zentity team at both bank’s and our location to learn about the solution and fill the skills gap. The Digital Competence Center initiative has been very successful and has grown to over 20 FTEs. The DCC continues to improve the app with new and advanced features.

Core banking Integration

A group wide solution required complex integration. The architecture of mobile banking is designed flexibly by using the Zentity Digital Server, that allows for easier and more secure connections with existing bank systems across 5 markets. In addition to the integration layer, the Zentity Digital Server brings abilities such as end-to-end localization, mock-interfaces, content management, content caching and more. Due to the multi-country, multi-language and multi-currency requirements the application was built in such a way that there is a common core and an abstraction to accommodate country specific business logic.

Application Front-ends

User-experience (UX) is the central focus of this Mobile Banking solution. The application enjoys wide acceptance among its user base and has won various industry awards. Both iOS and Android platforms offer a UX that is in line with the platform standards and at the same time clearly allows the banks branding stand out.

This makes the application easy to maintain and support which therefore lowers the long-term total cost of ownership (TCO).

Banking and beyond

Zentity’s Digital Banking is a freely customisable omni-channel platform solution integrating web, mobile and smartwatch applications allowing you to securely provide any services you deem attractive for your clients.

Our Digital Banking will help you to engage more customers more frequently. At the same time it allows you to streamline your front-ends and simplify the connectivity to your backend infrastructure while keeping your operational cost under control.


Benefits of Digital Banking

Core Services included

Open API & PSD2 ready

Digital Onboarding

Fast deployment

Our expertise implemented

Group wide roll-out of mobile banking for Addiko Group

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