Zentity Push Server

Your own sophisticated secure customer communication center

Zentity Push Server (ZPS) allows you to effectively manage and use your communication towards your customers at a lower cost and without exposing sensitive data to 3rd parties.

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Why it matters?

Allowing direct and advanced contact with your customers is a smart and efficient way, used in marketing sales or simplify for informing your customers without exposing data to any 3rd party.

Full protection of sensitive information

Easy & fast deployment

Match your recipients to your marketing information

Increase the relevance of your messages

Tailor your messages to your capacities

How it works

The Push Server is a fully integrated messaging platform able to use standard messaging through the internet. Zentity Push Server, however, is able to send sensitive messages without exposing their content over the Internet.


Various ways of triggering Push Notifications

From the Zentity Admin Console

From the customer’s backend systems such as CRM, CMS, etc.

Tracking information & full reporting

Possibility to set tracking information

Full reporting capabilities on all tracing information as well as message status and usage

Delivery Notification information

Backend API allows other systems to get (pull) information about the status of Push Notifications for specific users (userID).

Targeting via Audiences

List of predefined users / devices to which the Push Notifications can be sent

Import / export via .csv file within ZAC

Multilingual Notifications

Each Push Message can be specified in multiple languages and a specific Push Notification is (delivered) displayed based on the user’s preferences.

Scheduling Push Notifications

Possibility to schedule the sending of Push Notifications for a specific date / time.

Our expertise implemented

Award winning mobile banking Front-End and Push message solution

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