Zen Bots

The integrated AI Voice and Chat Bot solution

Zentity BOT‘s chat and voice bot solutions allow you to serve customers across different channels (Call Centre, mobile or / and internet) providing great customer experience and reducing the costs of customer service.

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Why it matters?

Zentity BOT is an innovative product based solution for chat and voice bots which uses advanced technology for intents analysis as well as unique know-how for integration with existing channels and helps organisations to facilitate interactions with customers, improve customer experience and customer engagement.

Great user experience

Significant cost reduction for customer service

Increase in online sales and engagement

Easy integration with existing digital solutions

How it works



Supporting communication in many world languages (e.g. English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Czech etc.).


Support for most banking features are covered (portfolio overview, typical balance, new product on boarding etc.), other customer specific features can be developed.

Context support

The BOT monitors and follows the context of conversation therefore it is able to answer even simple questions which do not contain any keywords.

Formatted answers

Providing rich answers including graphs, pictures and other value added content.

Advanced analysis

Using conversation analysis it is possible to evaluate conversation success rate and focus on parts of conversations which are not working well.

Advanced training

Using results of conversation analysis for further training of the BOT.

Our expertise implemented

First local chat and voice Bot that allows in-chat transactions

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