Zentity Digital Server

The one engine you need for your digital channels

The only customizable ready-to-use Digital Platform. Simplify the integration of your channels with your core business systems to gain absolute flexibility over your digital channels. Implementing new digital solutions based on Zentity Digital Server is key to lead in a competitive digital market.

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Why it matters?

Zentity Digital Server (ZDS) simplifies your digital channels by standardising the information exchange and business logic between your digital channels and your back-end systems. It is the most secure solution on the market that comes with a full module set for business functionalities allowing you to get ahead of the competition while keeping your costs under control.

Simplifying ALL your existing and new digital channels

ZDS enables you to take complexity / business logic out of your existing channels and allows you to manage all of your digital channels more flexibly and centrally.

Easier and more transparent channel management

ZDS comes with strong and sophisticated management tools enabling you to monitor, track and store all transactions from all of your channels.

Significant Cost Reduction

Lower development costs through standardised information exchange and integrated Demo and Mock Adapters.

Flexible and fast deployment of your digital banking services

ZDS comes with predefined, yet customisable core services / business API’s ready-to-use for your digital banking needs.

More flexible and faster Service Roll-Out

Through ZDS new business functionalities can easily connect to your Back-End and allow the fastest service implementation on the market.

How it works


Core services Mobile /
Internet banking services

The Zentity Digital Server comes with a predefined set of services / functions such as: activation, login, dashboard, balance overview, transaction history, account overview and others.

Activation and Security

Zentity developed the most secure solution for the activation (pairing) of applications within mobile devices and integrating them into ZDS (AuthServer). Based on the public / private keys or current “OAuth2” standard.

User Management

The capability to create & manage users for accessing the Administration Console, APIs exposed by ZDS as well as that of customers of the front-end application.


Easy definition and management of multiple language mutations for the same element in a central cloud based database. This approach removes the necessity of releasing a new version of the application just because of text / labels corrections.

Management Console

Web-based Zentity Admin Console for simplifying the management of available ZDS modules.

Service Adapter

ZDS includes a connector to your back end systems with predefined standards (bank/telco) via various protocols such as JSM, WS/SOAP, REST/JSON.

Our expertise implemented

Enables easy deployment of new modules such as Notification Center, Chat Bots, PSD2, Integrated Loyalty, etc…

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