Integrated Loyalty

For a new generation of loyalty programs

The Zentity integrated Loyalty module allows you to swiftly reward almost any transaction your customers do on your digital platform allowing you to flexibly adjust your Loyalty program to steer your customer behaviour to your needs.

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Why it matters?

Zenefit is the only fully integrated loyalty solution within your digital channels. It is the most granular reward system that lets you define down to the last transaction for what you want to reward your customers. Zenefit gives you total flexibility in defining customer reward profiles and allows you display loyalty statuses (points, membership status etc.) in all your digital channels.

Total flexibility for rewards

Gives you freedom for all Loyalty models

Easy integration into your existing infrastructure

Updates and access in real time

How it works



Supporting communication in many world languages (e.g. English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Czech etc.).

Flexible definition of promotions

Our solution offers marketing and other responsible people the ability to define a reward (loyalty points) for a particular transaction made.

Transaction overview

List of all transactions made in the past including receipts and number of loyalty points.

Integration with internal systems

Ready for integration with internal systems / solutions of an organization (based on this integration, loyalty points are being automatically calculated and assigned to a particular transaction and customer).

In-app messages / push messages

A tool helping internal teams to communicate and motivate customers for a specific purchase / reward, these messages are also used for sending confirmations.


Ability to change the content of the main screen “dashboard” and choose a specific functionality which will be displayed.

Our expertise implemented

Full flexibility and seamless integration are the key for a modern Loyalty Program

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