Vodafone Oman – The first truly Digital First Operator

Vodafone Oman chose Zentity's Digital Accelerator Platform not only to integrate its core business application with all their customer facing channels but also for its embedded services allowing Vodafone to provide state-of-the-art omnichannel digital customer journeys using new ways of communication, AI Bots and eKYC.

Project Introduction

When launching Vodafone Oman from a green field it was clear that the rules of the game had to be changed to be successful in this highly competitive market. Simply launching yet another operator would not create enough traction within a young and technologically savvy country.

Vodafone decided to launch the first “Digital First Operator” a mobile operator that allows its customers to experience all customer journeys without ever setting foot into a store or signing papers.

All top digital players in their fields were aggregated in one of the most challenging and exciting telecoms projects of the recent years and Zentity was chosen to a play a central role in this prestigious project.

Muscat, Oman
Client HQ
Year of realization

The Challenges

First class digital touch points
All digital touch points according to the latest design and technology such as a mobile application and Vodafone web portal with store and full customer self service functionality

Omnichannel experience
Integrate digital channels with traditional channels like a flag ship store or hybrid channels such as a digital kiosk machine and allow customers to switch seamlessly between them

Total flexibility in customer Journey design
To keep customer journeys attractive a digital first operator needs to maintain the flexibility of its customer journeys despite the complexity of the underlying IT architecture

Integrated Communication Platform
To keep the engagement with the customers Vodafone decided to also pursue new ways of communication integrating most frequented communication platforms into the standard communication with its customers

Dynamic multi vendor environment
Besides the creative technical and time line challenges launching an operator from the green field presents management challenges when developing all core business applications simultaneously.

Strong localization requirements
Demanded additional hand over efforts as well the parallel development of a local Data Centre


Digital channels made by Zentity.
The User experience starts with the native MyVodafone mobile application, the Vodafone web portal and the eKiosk (physical smart “vending machine”) providing eStore and full customer service functionality.

  • State of the art UX design
  • Fully integrated with Vodafone‘s business applications such as BSS/OSS or the communication gateway
  • Multi language enabled through Zentity‘s Translation Hub
  • The Zentity‘s eKiosk – vending machine provides a smooth bridge between digital and physical channels. It allows the customer to interact at the eKiosk terminal at any point of a customer‘s life cycle from onboarding to customer service to cash & card payments. The eKiosk is equipped with an easy to understand UX and is fully integrated into Vodafone‘s customer journeys

Smooth customer journeys made comfortable and secure

  • Based on eKYC and the Zentity’s Auth Server Vodafone Oman uses a sophisticated yet easy to use Identity Management authenticating and authorizing users once for all channels. Allowing to start your journey in one channel and finish it in another


Zentity was chosen to provide the centre piece of the operators architecture – tying together core business systems such as OSS/BSS and all customers facing channels



Zentity’s Digital Accelerator Platform allows to manage all channels from one place and provides flexibility in customer journey design regardless the complex underlying architecture

Zentity‘s Digital Accelerator Platform (DAP) allows for efficient flexible omnichannel Customer Journey design

  • Start your Vodafone journey with digital onboarding into the VF Oman mobile or web application or even at the Vodafone eKiosk
  • Manage your entire Service journey digitally from service delivery to modification to termination
  • DAP also integrates smoothly supporting functionalities such as Zentity Push Server for in-app confidential messaging
  • A convenient Management console always let‘s Vodafone‘s expert be on top of each single customer journey

Communicate with customers through all digital channels

  • The Zentity Communication Gateway allows Vodafone to communicate with their customers in their most preferred way. Define communication profiles and let your customers receive messages through SMS, email or highly secure In-App messages and in the future through popular messaging platforms such as Whatsapp and others.
  • The communication gateway integrates most popular messaging services, SMS gateways and Zentity’s Push Server for confidential in-App messages

eKiosk – The bridge between your digital and physical channels to increase customer satisfaction

The eKiosk terminal solution provides a smooth bridge between digital and physical channels. It allows the customer to interact at the eKiosk terminal at any point of a customer ’s life cycle from onboarding to customer service to cash & card payments.

Our eKiosk solution addresses those companies that do need a hybrid channel for their customers which are either not technically enabled to use digital channels, where an exchange of physical goods or money is needed or simply want to reduce waiting times in their shops. The Zentity eKiosk solution provides you with a fully branded brand touchpoint at highly attractive locations. Its full integration into your other channels even allows you to offer a true omnichannel experience.


Benefits of eKiosk

SIM dispensing


Self Service


Reduce the amount of your shops

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