The bridge between your digital and physical channels to increase customer satisfaction

The eKiosk terminal solution provides a smooth bridge between digital and physical channels. It allows the customer to interact at the eKiosk terminal at any point of a customer ’s life cycle from onboarding to customer service to cash & card payments.

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Why it matters?

Our eKiosk solution addresses those companies that do need a hybrid channel for their customers which are either not technically enabled to use digital channels, where an exchange of physical goods or money is needed or simply want to reduce waiting times in their shops. The Zentity eKiosk solution provides you with a fully branded brand touchpoint at highly attractive locations. Its full integration into your other channels even allows you to offer a true omnichannel experience.

Physical SIM card dispensing

Vending of SIM cards and SIM card management allows customers to easily access and manage their new or replacement SIM cards.

Onboarding and Authentication – eKYC

Digital onboarding of new customers. Customers can identify and register themselves for services or payments at the vending machine or finish started onboarding activities from other digital channels.

Full customer self-service

After log in at the eKiosk customers can do all self-service and account management (e.g. top up, modify line, etc.) activities without personal assistance.

Cash and card payments

Let’s your customers pay their invoices in cash or with cards if they do not want to establish bank transfers.

Reduce the amount of your shops

Gently move your customers from physical channels to digital ones by offering eKiosks for their most used tasks.

Innovative brand touch point

Position eKiosks at the most frequented places with your full branding promoting brand recognition and the “Innovation” part of your brand.

How it works


Passport & ID reader

Seamless extraction of the data from identity documents using our OCR technology.

Card payments

Our solution supports both physical and digital way of payments.

QR & barcode reader

Read QR codes and barcodes for payments, logins or other services using our industry-leading components.

SIM card dispenser

Issue and provide a new physical SIM card immediately after user’s registration.

Cash payments

Our solution supports both physical and digital way of payments.

NFC reader

NFC reading covers different use cases such as digital onboarding, payments or even login.

ID card reader

Extract all available data from the ID chip.

State of the art UX

The eKiosk uses a user interface designed according to your corporate branding. It is designed according to the latest findings in user friendly design and processes to keep your eKiosk attractive and easy to use even for inexperienced users.

Front-facing camera

Front-facing camera to support the facial biometrics within the digital onboarding of new customers.

Fully integrated

eKiosk uses Zentity’s Digital Accelerator Platform (DAP) to seamlessly integrate itself into your processes and IT architecture. The DAP also provides services for the eKiosk such as Authentication & Authorisation as well as the connection to payment portals and an administration console allowing you to manage this channel.

Our expertise implemented

Vodafone Oman – The first truly Digital First Operator

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