Identity & Access Management

One digital identity for all your channels

Zentity Identity and Access Management (ZIA) provides unique and secure identities across all your digital platforms allowing you to design customer journeys across your digital channels.

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Why it matters?

Managing identities is a crucial task for any organization with digital ambitions. Providing both, your employees and customers, with one unique identity across all your digital platforms in a secure and convenient way is at the core of every customer or employee journey. Our modular Identity and Access Management module (ZIA) gives your customers unique and secure identities using convenient onboarding and authorisation processes.

Optimised and Easy to use UX

Usability is key to the success of any identity management (IAM). ZIA comes with a state-of-art UX and easy to use processes.

Banking Grade

Highest standards for authentication and authorization while obeying the security principles of least privilege and zero-trust.

Identities for Devices and Apps

ZIA also offers the full IAM process for devices as well as application transactions, providing you new possibilities within your channels.

Tailored Security Checks

The open architecture of ZIA allows you to easily connect to databases, to check identities against, of your own choice during the onboarding process.

How it works

Zentity’s Identity & Access Management has four main components. Digital Onboarding lets your users create their ID. Admin Console lets you create IDs and manage them. The Login UX is an easy interface to enter your ID and AUTH Server technically manages authorisation and access.


Digital onboarding

Zentity Digital Onboarding lets your customers sign up for your services in the most secure way within minutes from the location of their convenience.


Centrally stores biometric data in a non-reversible way, to create a unique biometric identity that’s used to verify the actual person taking action (hash representation).

Credential-less login

A unique mechanism allowing the customer to log into the portal without using his credentials while maintaining the highest level of security.

3rd party authorisation

Authorization against 3rd party identity providers is supported (e.g. authenticating against Active Directory, LDAP etc.)

Single sign-on

Allowing users to authenticate their identity with one portal instead of many different resources (provided that user is accessing the app from one browser).

Access Management

The ZIA admin console ensures that all roles/permissions for identities are managed easily. All identities are stored and managed here and can be used for various purposes (e.g. campaign mgmt.)

Device authorisation

A mobile device can be paired with currently logged in user/customer, to skip user’s interaction when authenticating mobile apps in future.

Unlimited KYC

Know your customers with unlimited checks against databases to ensure your customer on-boarding requirements are met.


Choose any combination of mobile and server components as your business grows. Integration of other modules is fast and easy.

Transaction authorisation

For logged in users additional authorization can be implemented for any crucial operation within the channel.

Secure liveliness detection

User-friendly anti-spoofing technology that works on any smartphone.

Multi-factor authentication

Using two or more distinct mechanisms to validate a user’s identity, rather than relying on just a simple username and password combination.

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