Digital Accelerator Platform

For ultimate agility and new digital business models

Whether you have existing or planning to launch new digital channels the Digital Accelerator Platform will ensure that you utilize your digital presence most efficiently. The platform allows for seamless integration of all our experience enhancing products as well as third party services.

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Why it matters?

Legacy architecture, silos and inherent complexity prevent companies from harvesting the full benefits of digital banking. Low agility of core systems, complex channel structures, Lack of enablers and silo like channels can be overcome with the Digital Accelerator Platform.

No more stand-alone management of your digital channels

DAP lets you manage all your digital channels from one place.

Frequent innovation boosts to keep your channels attractive for your customers

DAP allows you to improve your customer journeys through easy integration of new functionalities (eKYC, Loyalty…) and 3rd party services/products

Promote your digital channels from a fancy feature to an integral part of your business

DAP is designed to be swiftly and thoroghly integrated with your core business systems

How it works

Our Digital Accelerator Platform takes complexity out of your channel architecture through aggregating business logic and standardizing connections internally and to 3rd parties.


Centralised business logic allows for lean and agile customer Front Ends


State of the art front-ends according to corporate identity and latest behavioural insights


Communication Services for secure and personalized messaging (Push Server, AI Bots, messaging center…)


Microservice based agile middle layer holding the business logic = fast service and process development without touching core systems

Customer journey

Customer Journey supporting tools such as Digital Onboarding, Loyalty…

3rd parties

Integration point for 3rd party services


Standardized API-based interfaces to core systems with typical Mock, Test and Production environments

Our expertise implemented

Vodafone Oman – The first truly Digital First Operator

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