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Personalise your customer communication

By connecting your core business applications and digital channels with all major communications platforms, Zentity‘s Communication Hub (ComHub) gives your customers the freedom to choose how they will be addressed.

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Why it matters?

By connecting your core business applications and digital channels with all major communications platforms, Zentity‘s Communication Hub (ComHub) allows your customers to choose how they want to receive information from you. Set up profiles for freely defined audiences (customer segments) and Communication Hub will send the messages accordingly, whether they are triggered automatically by your core business systems, your customers activities or manually by your admin.

Boost your innovation brand recognition

Giving your customers the choice on how they want to communicate with your organisation is an innovative step towards personalisation.

Fully integrated and deployed fast

ComHub seamlessly integrates with your core business systems and your digital channels.

Automate your communication

Events allow you to automate your communication flow sending triggered or manually generated messages.

More relevant campaigns

Integrate your marketing segments to send your messages through the most relevant and used communication platforms.

Sensitive information stay sensitive

The “Sensitive Message“ option for push notifications downloads the information directly from your system to your customer’s device.

How it works



Social Media Integration

We support sending your messages via app inbox, push notifications,
sms, email and WhatsApp. Are you
using other channels? No problem
with 3rd party channels integration.


Prepare your most frequent messages, assign event triggers and just watch how all information is getting to your customers efficiently without manual operations.


Create an unlimited number of templates for most frequent messages using dynamic fields. The content is personalized based on your particular customers.


Stay on top of your communication efficiency with a customisable dashboard using widgets. Analyze data on message or channel level to understand your customers better.

Efficient admin

Easy-to-navigate customized admin console gives you full power over the communication to your customers. Create templates and audiences, define events and control your channels.

Chat Bot

Integrate our chat bot solution into ComHub to further innovate your customer engagement – using the channel of their choice.


ComHub is ready to send rich messages. Allowing you not only to attach files with additional information but also to keep your messages visually attractive.

Time Zone

Customers across multiple time zones? ComHub ensures that your messages are sent at appropriate times for all, without needing to adjust for particular audiences.

Our expertise implemented

Vodafone Oman – The first truly Digital First Operator

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