Translation Hub

Manage the multi-language requirements of your digital channels in one place

All your language versions for all your Apps in one place

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Why it matters?

Translation Hub stores and lets you dynamically and safely manage all translations for everyone using your applications. Whether you use it in the cloud or onsite it seamlessly integrates into any of your applications through APIs.

No application updates are needed based on language fixes

Our unique architecture approach allows you to add or fix language items without requesting the users to update their application — leading to higher customer satisfaction

Organise distributed parallel translations in all your channels

Assign translations to different experts per language or even by functional domains — eg. card, current accounts, investments, loyalty, legal etc.

Quickly roll-out new language versions to all your applications

Manage all language versions for all your web or mobile applications in on place

Reduce cost of multi language applications

Translation Hub comes with review functions and processes that allow faster reviews and approval processes as well as re-usable language strings allow multi usage of the same content. Save time and reduce human errors by getting rid of merging legacy excels manually

How it works

Centrally and dynamically managed language versions for all your applications


Seamless integration into any of your front ends

Translation Hub allows any of your channels to access translations through API in real-time

Sophisticated User and Content Management

Translation Hub comes with the User Interface allowing you to comfortably manage permission and quality of your translations through a user friendly UI

Multiple language support

The Translation Hub architecture allows to provide several language versions to be used in your channels

Various support functions allow for effective management of your translations

An import module allows for easy integration of existing language versions

Version and release control per application ensure that always the right version is used

Support of multi-byte characters

Sometimes words are not enough and you just have to write 👍🍾🎉

Translation Hub can be deployed in the cloud or within your environment

Depending on your needs you can easily use Translation Hub in the mode of „SaaS“ or „on-premises“ implementation, depending on your target architecture

Our expertise implemented

Zentity is using Translation Hub in almost all our digital channel projects. It’s giving us the language base for all channels conveniently managed in one place. Through its architecture it allows to update translations in your apps without issuing a new release of your app — making it convenient for your users

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