Cross Channel Authentication

Highest security made convenient

Provide your users with the best comfort for app login and transactions confirmation at the highest security level with the Zentity Cross-Channel Authorization solution.

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Why it matters?

Zentity Cross-Channel Authorization solution is an advanced security product which can be easily integrated with existing banking systems and digital channels solutions and helps organisations implement the strongest security measures required by PSD2 and replace the legacy OTP approach (i.e. SMS). It also provides improved customer experience as it is not necessary to manually insert OTP codes from SMS to web browsers – the authorisation is being processed automatically using secure and innovative mechanisms.

Best user experience at the highest security level

Reduction of operating costs

Advanced security solution

Easy integration with existing internal systems

How it works


Login without credentials

A unique mechanism allowing the customer to log into the portal without using his credentials while maintaining the highest level of security.

Multi-factor authentication

A solution for customer verification meeting requirements listed on PSD2 and thus ensuring that you are PSD2 compliant.

Integration ready

A solution prepared for secure integration with existing back-end and front-end solutions as well as 3rd party solutions.

Digital signature support

Biometrics such as touchID (or fingerprint), face ID can be used to login or authorize transactions.

Push notifications

A seamless way of delivering a notification and a trigger creating a secure connection between internal systems and the target device in order to confirm a specific user transaction.

Fall back scenario

Using an alternative option for authentication in case the push notification is not delivered to a target device (e.g. SMS).

Our expertise implemented

Strong multi-channel authorization based on unique combination of the highest security standards and user-friendly interface.

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