Zen Play

The beyond banking platform – integrated and open

ZEN:Play redefines the way Beyond Banking product portfolios are put together and managed. It allows you to smartly integrate 3rd party products / widgets into your digital channels faster than ever – providing greater flexibility, lower cost and wider variety to your customers.

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Why it matters?

ZEN:Play is a Software Development Platform that allows you to stay in control of your digital channels 3rd party products / apps / widgets. It provides a framework for 3rd parties to develop their own widgets in your digital channel. Through this ZEN:Play keeps your IT team and costs lean but your product portfolio wide and interesting. Instead of developing widgets you manage them and give your customers a wider choice of services.

Turn your single purpose App into a Super App

Faster time to market and higher flexibility

Bind your customers to your App

Managing instead of developing

Higher customer satisfaction and interaction

How it works


Life cycle management of plugins (development — publish)

ZEN:Play has an integrated process to manage the life cycle of a plugin allowing the ZEN:Play admin to have full control over what is published within the app.

Sanboxed Plug-in

The 3rd party plugin does not have access to either the app or the users phone. It can only use and communicate through pre-defined APIs.

Front End allowing APP owners to manage 3rd party Plug-ins

The Widget SDK manages adding, removing and updating… of available widgets in the mobile app. The User can install or uninstall any of the available widgets – on line, on-demand, no compilation needed.

Full documentation incl. guidelines for 3rd party developers

ZEN Play is thoroughly documented and allows a quick integration for 3rd parties.

Full guidelines for 3rd parties describing the rules of developing & integrating their plugin.

Backend – Production Environment

The Production Environment is a container for backend parts of the widget.

The BE widgets communicate to the APIs published by 3rd parties.

FE widgets communicate to the BE widgets to get all data.

Developers Portal

The Development Portal manages teams, widgets, widget versions and their life cycle – once a widget is finished by the 3rd party, it has to be approved and deployed by the System administrator.

Our expertise implemented

The first open Super App platform for Škoda customers

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