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Zentity is a mobile-focused digital solutions provider, with operations across Europe
and customers around the globe.

Our approach

We start by understanding the customer’s business drivers and clearly defining a strategy for using mobile devices to meet their business objectives. The platforms and apps are then defined based upon that strategy. The customer is always actively involved during
the development process, and continually updated on progress.


(concept & design)


(digitising thoughts)


(marketing & support)

Commitment to success

Our focus is on making sure that our customers achieve their goals. We consider ourselves a success only if our customers succeed as well. We will work with you to resolve any issues that may arise. As an example we often lend our devices to customers if they don’t have their own for testing purposes and we help resolve the customer’s side
of the interfaces while integrating with an existing component.

Our Quality Policy summarises the essential elements of our commitment for excellence and it applies to all levels in the organization. Besides that, in our Code of Conduct you can have a look at our collection of moral principles. As we respect your right to privacy we created Privacy Policy which informs you of our privacy practices and the choices you can make about the way we collect and use information about you.


The people in the different teams (iPhone, Android,...) are very competent and we know that our projects will be made in the respect of timing and budget. We've made several mobile projects with Zentity and we will continue working with this very good Czech company.

Fiorenzo de Palma

General Manager at Mediancer Sarl

Smartphones and tablets have become a standard communication and self-service channel in a very short time. That’s why, we at ING Bank CZ decided to use this channel to communicate with our clients. For our mobile banking solution we have created a non-traditional user interface, inspired from our global branches, which respects principles of comfort and intuitive controls. Thanks to fast and effective cooperation with team ZENTITY, we were able to launch our applications as planned.

Tomas Markus

Technical Architect at ING Bank CZ

Zuno's aim was to provide mobile to our branches (which are opened 24/7); simple and easy to use, and providing all of the functions clients desire. ZENTITY provided innovative solutions at a high technical level, which met our high requirements and which meets our creed of ‘Less bank, more life’. The application has a lot of functionality, operates intuitively, and contains a couple of innovative perks. Thanks to cooperation with ZENTITY we were able to deliver a user-friendly and successful application, which can essentially substitute the retail store.

Peter Lakata

CMO at Zuno Bank AG
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